WeTap Public Drinking Fountain Application

WeTap: An Exciting New Opportunity for Public Drinking Water Fountains

The Pacific Institute, in collaboration with Google, is preparing to launch an exciting new smartphone applications (app) that could help address a major water challenge: finding, supporting, and expanding the nation’s public drinking water fountains.

The new application, under development initially for Android-capable phones, is called WeTap. It does two things:

1. Permits smartphone users to add public drinking water fountains to a national database of fountains, with information on their location, condition, and quality, including uploading a photo; and

2. Permits smartphone users to find a working fountain when they want one.

The app is under development and will be available for beta-testing in late April for a set of volunteers with four things:

1. An Android-capable smartphone

2. A gmail account.

3. A Picasa photo account (to permit them to upload photos of water fountains).

4. A willingness to test the application by finding water fountains, uploading them to the database and core map, and provide feedback on the application so we can improve it.

Interested in helping and meet the conditions above? Send an email to info@pacinst.org.


8 thoughts on “WeTap Public Drinking Fountain Application

  1. I would like to help work on the sourcing of water fountains when you plan on doing a Chicago / Chicagoland area database.

    Please email with more details on how I can help.



  2. This seems like it will carry on well. I hope this will create a water fountain evolution in terms of purity and availability.

  3. It would be nice also to rate cleanliness of the fountains on a scale, perhaps from 1-Pristine to 5-Rancid

    I’d love to see some info on the health effects of bottled water, if any. Perhaps the environmental impact is mitigated by the reduction of communicable diseases.

  4. Thanks for creating this. Perhaps the logigical extension would be WePee or WeDump. A dadabase for public restrooms.

    Good Luck

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