The WeTap Map

The New Water Fountain WeTap Map: Where to Find a Drinking Water Fountain

WeTap is underway!  The effort to map the nation’s, and ultimately the world’s, drinking water fountains has been launched in a beta test mode. A very small number of people are running around with the Android smartphone application uploading information on the location and condition of drinking fountains. This beta-test is the very first stage in what eventually will be a massive “crowd-source” mapping effort to provide free public information on drinking water fountains. The improvements to the application will lead to a free version for everyone with an Android phone, and ultimately (we hope) ANY smartphone.

In the meantime, for those of you without the ability to go out and map new fountains, it is still possible to use your computer or ANY smartphone with a browser to see the fountains mapped. Here is the link:

You can look for a water fountain, and watch as new ones are added every day. Our first focus will be San Francisco Bay Area and the Los Angeles area. And if you WANT to be a beta-tester in these areas, and you have an Android phone, a gmail account, and a Picasa account, send an email to

The WeTap Drinking Water Fountain Map (Version 1.0)


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